Apr 24, 2019 by admin

The Radiology Clinic at Clinic 9 Medical Center is equipped with advanced equipment and technologies by our radiologist Dr. Lamis Saeed, who has long experience in this field.

Radiology Clinic Services

1- X-rays

2- Ultrasound

Abdomen Ultrasound.

Pelvic Ultrasound.

Transvaginal Ultrasound.

Renal Ultrasound.

Breast Ultrasound.

Thyroid Ultrasound

3- 4D Ultrasound.

4- Folliculometry.

5- Obstetric Ultrasound.

6- Abdominal Ultrasound ( Gall bladder, Cholecystitis, Renal Stones Disease,   Hepatic lesion, Pancreatic Disease )