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The pediatric clinic offers the highest level of prevention, diagnosis and treatment by our pediatrician Dr. Najah Amro, who has long experience in this field for children from birth until the age of 13 years, where the clinic is equipped and furnished to meet the needs of children and their families. The clinic is located in the ground floor and close to ER for all emergency cases to be handle and manage directly by the doctor.

Pediatric Clinic Services

Medical examination for children and newborn babies are available

Children’s weight and height Follow-up

Short stature follow-up and treatment.

Respiratory diseases and chest sensitivity diagnosis and treatment.

Digestive system diagnosis and treatment.

Enuresis diagnosis and treatment.

Children’s diabetes diagnosis and treatment

Diagnosis and follow-up with all patients suffer of sickle cell anemia, and a special treatment of severe pain.

Hyperactivity, diagnosis and treatment.

School medical entrance examination

All emergency situations