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The OB-GYNE Department provides the best medical services for the mothers and their coming babies.
Dr. Hanan Afifi and Dr. Abida Rashid, both are ready to serve you in addition to providing the latest radiology, ultrasound 4D where patients has the best options, the availability of many packages are very distinctive to follow up with your pregnancy from the first day until the end of it.

Services Section

– Pregnancy follow-up and complete follow-up programs.

– Follow up with  recurrent pregnancy losses and treatment.

– Infertility treatment, delayed pregnancy diagnosis and treatment.

– Family planning and all kinds of contraceptive methods

– 3D/4D ultrasonography

– Diagnosis and management of different gynecological problems

– Baby’s gender identification.

– Treatment of uterine ulcers with cryopreservation.

– Remove warts.

– Provide best medical and health advices to mother during pregnancy and after delivery.