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The Mission and Vision of Clinic 9 Medical Center is to provide quality healthcare services beyond the boundaries of our geographical area in the kingdom.

A unit has been created called { Industrial Medical Services } to cater/ provide services to companies working in Remote Areas as well as in On-Shore and Off-Shore Sites. The unit mobilizes equipped and esteemed professionals (i.e., Doctors, Nurses) and Ambulance drivers ready to mobilize after completion of the required Knowledge and Skills Competencies. We also supply medical equipment and supplies such as medicines and others.

Clinic 9 has become one of the most renowned medical centers in Saudi Arabia .With our efficient resources we are able to overcome all challenges in the field of industrial medical services so it makes us one of the most famous Medical centers in Industrial medical service

  • Clinic 9 medical center is at your service

Safety & Environment of Care

  • Maintains a safe, Functional, supportive and appropriate environment for patients & staff.
  • Adheres to safety polices & Procedures and reports to work-site safety officer.
  • Provide safety training to staff during
  • New hire orientation program.
  • Mandatory training courses, and on regular basis as departmental meeting.

Offers the Following Services

  • Pre-employment examinations.
  • Health promotion programs.
  • Independent medical examinations.
  • Workplace drug testing.
  • Performs return to work form.
  • Vaccinations and immunizations.
  • Provide the medics with 24/7 physician back-up.
  • Responds to medical emergencies at remote areas.
  • Updates staff with medical training such as: Basic Life Support (BLS), Advance Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), Infection Control, Safety courses, etc.

Take care of Rigs medical waste

Pharmaceutical & Medication Management

  • Maintained effective and safe medication management program.
  • Developed drug formulary with a wide spectrum of drug list which shall be used to treat patients for minor ailments, emergency conditions and stabilizing them prior to transfer to a definitive medical care provider.
  • Nurses are oriented and trained on drug dispensing guidelines on when and how to administer and dispense these medications.
  • Maintained adequate storage by using inventory control system with appropriate check list all medication in stock.

Medical Equipment

  • All our medical equipment are inspected by clinical Engineering.
  • Inspects and approves equipment periodically and display them with both:
  • Inventory ID Bar Code Numbers.
  • Inspection Stickers.

Remove malfunctioning medical equipment from service and tags it with and adhering (Do Not Use) tag

Ambulances & Communications

  • All our ambulances are fully supplied with adequate medical equipment & consumable materials.
  • These equipment and supplies are checked on a weekly basis and after use to ensure quantity and validity.
  • Communications with different locations and emergency team are maintained with reliable quality solution through network system/ mobile system and multimedia communications.

Share calls with medics are used regularly for patients care services quality improvement programs and operational needs

Health Workers

  • Established a recruitment screening system to recruit the right team of qualified medical personnel.
  • Updates staff with:
  • Valid professional license( MOH )
  • VALID Saudi Council for Health Specialist Card (SCFHS)
  • Valid Mandatory education and training records, such as: BLS, Fire and Safety, Infection Control,H2SW and SCBA