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The dental department at Clinic 9 Medical Center is honored to provide the best diagnosis, Treatment and cosmetic services for all patients and providing the latest dental treatment and cosmetic techniques by our best team to ensure and keep oral and teeth healthy.

Clinic 9 Medical Center, we provide the latest digital x-rays (cephalometric, panorama) for the right and safe diagnosis.

We offer educational programs for children and students from government schools and private school within an integrated system aimed for society to preserve the health of teeth.

Dental Treatment & Cosmetic Services

– Removal of all impacted teeth including difficult wisdom teeth

– White fillings for front and back teeth, crowns and veneers

– Treating gum diseases and routine oral hygiene and care

– Dental implants, dentures and bridges

– Root canal treatments, without pain using latest technology.

– Children’s teeth treatment (fillings, fluoride applied, laughing gas ( Nitrous Oxide sedation), children regular follow-up) without feeling pain or fear.

– Dental Emergency ( Acute pain treatment, dental fractures treatment ).

Cosmetic & Beauty Services

Teeth straightening Visible and Invisible Braces, Fixed and Removable Orthodontic Treatments

Teeth whitening (Flash, Ever Bright).

– (Smiles of Celebrities, Snape on Smile) to improve your beautiful smile.

Dental implant technology.

Emergency services is available until 12:00 midnight.